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Small vent pipes can choke off on the inside with ice in bitter cold climates. When you use a full-sized 3 or 4-inch vent, it takes much more ice to close off the vent pipe. The plumbing vent pipes create a pathway to let air from outdoors back into the plumbing system when water is rushing down the drain pipes.
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Here we show the main building vent pipe, the plumbing stack vent, connecting inside plumbing drains to a vent pipe that extends above the building roof in order to let needed air into the drains and to vent sewer gases harmlessly above the building.
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Unfortunately, a clogged or missing vent is tough to fix, since it usually requires breaking into the walls to examine the drain system. Unless you have plumbing experience, this project is best left to a professional. Figure A: Common Example of Poorly Vented Drains.
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I can relocate our washer to the second bathroom which has an outdoor vent, but I wouldnt think this would resolve the problem of not having a vent in that part of the plumbing, as the other bathroom is not part of that plumbing setup.
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When you're' remodeling your plumbing system, can you install a wet vent, or do you have to install a revent or a separate vent? Finding the answer can involve complicated calculations, based on formulas that can vary from one locale to another.
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Using AAVs can significantly reduce the amount of venting materials needed in a plumbing system, increase plumbing labor efficiency, allow greater flexibility in the layout of plumbing fixtures, and reduce long-term roof maintenance problems associated with conventional vent stack roofing penetrations.

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